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Our school was founded in 1904. Its former name during the Japanese colonial period was “Taipei State Taipei First Girls' High School.” After Taiwan was retroceded, on the 12th of December, 1945, the school was renamed “Taiwan Provincial Taipei First Girls' High School.” In July 1967, the name of the school was then changed to “Taipei Municipal First Girls' Senior High School” after Taipei City became a municipality. The school now has a history of more than 100 years. The alumnae have totaled sixty thousand. Currently, we have 78 classes. The total number of the students is about three thousand.

The campus has a total area of 26408 square meters. There are six main buildings on campus. The oldest one is the Guang-Fu Building, a third-level historic building by Taipei City Government. This building was built in 1933. The second oldest building is the Ming-De Building, which was constructed in 1954. The Zhong-Zheng Building was constructed in 1977. The fully-computerized library, located at the center of the campus, has a collection of more than seventy thousand volumes. It is equipped with individual audio-visual sets for self-learning and the academic Internet system that provides access to references worldwide. The Activity Center, built in 1971, is for school assemblies and sports activities. The Zhi-Shan Building, the newest one, was completed in 1993. It is a multi-functional building of five stories and two underground tiers. The astronomical center is established for students to know more about seasonal skies and the revolution of stars with the celestial globe. The astronomical observatory on the roof of Zhi-Shan Building with a three-meter-radius dome is the place where students can make observations of heavenly bodies through telescopes set in the room. We also have an auditorium, conference rooms, a heated indoor swimming pool, and an underground park lot, all of which facilitate our staff's work and students' learning.

Refined Holistic Education

Our school emphasizes students' development in intellect, morality, and other abilities, and we are dedicated to cultivating their vision, respectful attitude and passion for lifelong learning. We have proficient staff, who are committed to their teaching with expertise and enthusiasm; we have hard-working students, who always show their keen interest in knowledge. All these create an inspiring atmosphere in which the students are eager to learn different subjects, experience life and participate in extra-curricular activities, sports events and art performances. We believe this will help every student become a person of vision, culture and versatility.

Green Spirit for Prominence

Our school is prestigious on this island called Formosa. It is known internationally for its fine tradition and its teaching staff with rich experience and enthusiasm. Based on the sound foundation, we aim to provide students with an ideal environment for learning and growing up. On this campus nicknamed “Green Garden,” teachers and students love each other and encourage each other, following the spirit of tiny grass that strives for life with no fear for strong wind and heavy. We hope after a loving three-year-life in “Green Garden,” every “Tiny Grass” will grow into a tall tree that would stand firm even in hardships. And we believe the “Green Garden” will prosper year by year, with the care from everyone living in it.

*Students in Taipei First Girls' High School call the campus “Green Garden;” they name themselves “Tiny Grass.”